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Feet therefore deserve comfort. And you deserve not to have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Because the foot has the power to bring health as much as the problems, it is very important to take great care of it. PLAKTON shoes welcome your feet with a perfectly adapted anatomical footprint and covered with suede for a bonus of pleasure. The cork and lelatex make up the sole, provide flexibility, elasticity and lightness. And to perfect it all, a microporous foam sole gives all the cushioning needed for a lasting preservation of your body.


The manufacture of the stems uses a special rawhide whose dyeing is done using vegetable components where each "bath" is unique. The result is a marbled, living and luminous aspect, as directly derived from nature, itself.


For the style, the creators of the PLAKTON collections do not want to be followers of fashion but of course! Each collection is the result of in-depth work conducted over many months to select new exclusive materials and a unique color palette. Each new model is created with the unique purpose of arousing your lust.