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Step into style and comfort with our black sporty thong sandals featuring leather straps and a cork sole. Perfect for your active lifestyle.

    Plakton 100015 Black Men's Sandals

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    Plakton 100015 Black Men's Sandals

      Introducing Plakton's 175991 100015 Black Men Sandals, a sporty addition to men's footwear. Crafted in Spain, these natural cork sandals feature leather straps and a bios contoured lining for broad feet.

      Key Features:

      • Men's Collection: Specifically designed for men's comfort and style.
      • Leather Straps: Provide durability and a sporty look.
      • EVA Sole: Designed for durability and traction, the EVA sole provides stability with every step.
      • Heel Platform Height: 2.5cm for subtle elevation.
      • Round Toe Shape: Promotes natural movement and comfort.
      • Bios Contoured Lining: Engineered for optimal support.
      • Recommended For Broad Feet: Refer to size chart for the perfect fit.
      • Made In Spain: Reflects exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

        Elevate your summer style with Plakton's Black Men Sandals, combining sporty design with the comfort of cork. Ideal for active days and leisurely strolls.


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